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[[Category:Editorial team]]
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Thread archived from forums:

mrgirlpluggedout: Does anyone feel there is a need for some sort of change tracking for stories?

I personally haven't encountered a change done by another editor, to which I disagreed. Has anyone else, though? If so, perhaps a change tracking system would be helpful.

Furthermore, If, in the future, we will have a large group of editors working on each other's stories, it might be hard to figure out who did what.

Now, a change tracking system doesn't have to be complex. A simple Wiki would suffice. A full blown version tracking program would be major overkill for us, no matter how large we will -- hopefully -- be.

What do you think?

LaminatorX: A version history would certainly be helpful for learning purposes as well.

WizardFusion: How would it work though.? Like a "History" button to show all the edits, sort of like Wikipedia.?

I can see how this would be a good idea in the way that new details can be added or removed, but people can still see them in the history. I suppose if there was a large chunk of text that was removed, but people had already commented on it, those comments would be meaningless or "off-topic" as it were, but with a history, we can see that it was part of the original text.

I like it.!