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[19:07] <+mrcoolbp> .topic SoylentNews PBC Board Meeting<br />
[19:07] <+mrcoolbp> .topic SoylentNews PBC Board Meeting<br />
[19:07] == juggler changed the topic of #staff to: SoylentNews PBC Board Meeting<br />
[19:07] == juggler changed the topic of #staff to: SoylentNews PBC Board Meeting<br />

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This page is a log from IRC or the (now defunct) forums.

[19:07] <+mrcoolbp> .topic SoylentNews PBC Board Meeting
[19:07] == juggler changed the topic of #staff to: SoylentNews PBC Board Meeting
[19:07] <+mrcoolbp> .topic SoylentNews PBC Board Meeting
[19:07] <+mrcoolbp> oopas
[19:08] <+mrcoolbp> okay, Bytram: you are chairing this one?
[19:08] <+Bytram> if you want, sure.
[19:08] <+mrcoolbp> matt_: is that kosher?
[19:08] <+matt_> mrcoolbp, well, afaik, we haven't yet signed the docs for the bylaws amendment yet :(, so this is still an action w/o a meeting...
[19:09] <+matt_> mrcoolbp, so yes, kosher, since it's a bit less formal than a formal meeting :)
[19:09] <+mrcoolbp> matt_ so we have to print/sign/send to you?
[19:09] <+matt_> mrcoolbp, or you could print, sign, scan in and send. or even just print as a pdf, attach your signature as an image, and send.
[19:10] <+matt_> send == email
[19:10] <+NCommander> Shit
[19:10] <+NCommander> I completely forgot
[19:10] <+mrcoolbp> okay, I'll try to get that done, sorry
[19:10] <+mrcoolbp> s/done/done soon/
[19:10] * NCommander has been having things constrain the amount of time and effort I can put into SN
[19:10] <+mrcoolbp> same
[19:10] <+Bytram> same
[19:11] <+Bytram> so we have quorum, as all board members are in attendance.
[19:11] * Bytram loads wiki page
[19:11] <+Bytram> http://wiki.soylentnews.org/wiki/Issues_to_Be_Raised_at_the_Next_Board_Meeting#Issues
[19:11] <+Bytram> topic to be discussed: "Issue 1:We made some money (yay!) what do we do with it? (e.g. Pay bills, make payment to benefactors, advertise, mixture of all three?) "
[19:11] <+Bytram> the floor is open for discussion
[19:12] <+mrcoolbp> matt_: anything show up in the account?
[19:12] <+matt_> fyi, our BoA checking account balance is $1,227.73 :)
[19:12] <+mrcoolbp> as expected, nice
[19:12] <+matt_> it looks like it takes a couple of days for things to make it from paypal to BoA.
[19:12] <+matt_> according to paypal, we had 60 people sign up for subscriptions.
[19:12] <+Bytram> matt_: any reports on how much we have raised from subscriptions and swag?
[19:12] <+Bytram> lol
[19:12] <+mrcoolbp> matt_ yes, I called them and squared away that we have our "ducks in a row" with them, they lifted the monthly withdral limit
[19:12] <+matt_> a couple of people have signed up for more than one (they show up as $40 in paypal)
[19:13] <+Bytram> mrcoolbp++ thank you!
[19:13] <+mrcoolbp> Bytram: that's all from Subs
[19:13] <+Bytram> nod nod
[19:13] <+NCommander> Very very nice
[19:13] <+Bytram> that's a nice start.
[19:13] <+mrcoolbp> matt_ I didn't notice, maybe they bought more than one year
[19:13] <+Bytram> very nice indeed.
[19:13] <+NCommander> Do wish the rate kept going, but yeah
[19:13] <+mrcoolbp> oh wait, I know at least someone bought a gift for someone else...
[19:13] * Bytram needs to get a pre-paid cash card so he can participate
[19:14] <+mrcoolbp> okay, well the item was "So what do we do with what we "earned" ?
[19:14] <+Bytram> how's the swag store been doing?
[19:14] <+matt_> one thing we could do now is start paying ongoing expenses from the checking account.
[19:14] <+mrcoolbp> Bytram: kind of a fizzle, less than $100 to date, and we won't see that for 30 days
[19:14] <+Bytram> :(
[19:14] <+mrcoolbp> matt_ yes we could, but that's about 3 months worth of server costs
[19:14] * Bytram is trying to find out how much we earned and how much more to anticipate.
[19:14] <+matt_> well, somebody has to pay them :)
[19:15] <+NCommander> I think we need to figure out how to get the server bill much much lower
[19:15] <+mrcoolbp> NCommander: how do we stand with linode?
[19:15] <+NCommander> mrcoolbp, bill paid for September
[19:15] <+mrcoolbp> that would be good
[19:15] <+mrcoolbp> NCommander: copy that
[19:15] <+NCommander> I think we need to re-evaluate our hosting needs, figure out where to cut costs, and see if we can get the bill down to $200-ish
[19:15] <+Bytram> what bills do we have coming up in, say, the next few months through year end?
[19:15] <+mrcoolbp> NCommander: send me an "invoice" or receipt for september please
[19:16] <+NCommander> Will do, please remind me if I don't do it by Friday
[19:16] * mrcoolbp has to figure out how to start adding all these tiny sub payments into GNU cash
[19:16] <+mrcoolbp> kay
[19:16] <+matt_> Bytram, we should hire an accountant no later than the end of January to get our taxes sorted
[19:16] <+NCommander> matt_++
[19:16] <+Bytram> good point... $ ???
[19:16] <+mrcoolbp> matt_ estimate on what that will cost?
[19:16] <+NCommander> I might have a contact that can do it, I will check to see if he would be interested
[19:16] <+mrcoolbp> great, let us know next meeting?
[19:17] <+NCommander> Don't know if I will know by then
[19:17] <+NCommander> MIGHT have to wait until I'm in NYC again, which will be in November
[19:17] <+mrcoolbp> my action-item fizzled from the last meeting, I'm not sure the spider-oak thing is worth the trouble of even writing a proposal
[19:17] <+matt_> mrcoolbp, well, if you explain in advance that we are a pretty simple case, it should be less than $1000, i would think.
[19:17] <+NCommander> I don't think we need to worry TOO much about this until 2015, and then we can file for extension
[19:17] <+mrcoolbp> matt_ nod
[19:17] <+mrcoolbp> NCommander: okay
[19:18] <+Bytram> hold on a moment...
[19:18] * NCommander holds
[19:18] <+matt_> also, there will be an excise tax bill from DE and probably one for MA, for a total of around $600-$700.
[19:18] <+Bytram> todos: mrcoolbp 'sign' and 'return' doc to matt_ via e-mail
[19:18] <+matt_> due sometime in 2015
[19:18] <+Bytram> todos: NCommander 'sign' and 'return' doc to matt_ via e-mail
[19:18] <+mrcoolbp> Bytram: thanks
[19:18] <+Bytram> todos: NCommander check with friend on accounting
[19:19] * Bytram can grep for those after the meeting... did I miss anything, so far?
[19:19] <+mrcoolbp> I think that covers it so far
[19:19] <+Bytram> thanks
[19:19] <+mrcoolbp> NCommander: should we start paying linode with the cash on hand?
[19:19] <+Bytram> hosting expenses through year end?
[19:19] <+mrcoolbp> basically
[19:20] <+NCommander> mrcoolbp, I think we should look at making that change, we can cover things as if for the rest of the year
[19:20] <+NCommander> And if we can dump some weight, go further
[19:20] <+NCommander> I need to get crap written up on our longer term plans, but I could use some help in this area
[19:21] <+mrcoolbp> NCommander: delegate sections to some of the teams mayber?
[19:21] <+Bytram> NCommander: this week ahead is crazy busy, but if you can hit the 'high points', I can ask leading questions and help get things covered.
[19:22] <+mrcoolbp> NCommander: have we done any research into reducing server costs?
[19:22] <+mrcoolbp> (specifics)
[19:22] <+NCommander> mrcoolbp, some, no action taken as of yet
[19:22] <+NCommander> I'll try and work with paul to start downsizing crap
[19:22] <+Bytram> NCommander: much appreciated!
[19:22] <+mrcoolbp> okay, I think he is settling in now, hopefully he has some time to work on that soon
[19:23] <+Bytram> NCommander: there was also a point raised a while ago about self-hosting *possibly* being less expensive.
[19:23] * Bytram doesn't recall the specifics
[19:23] <+NCommander> Indeed, we could probably go with one beefy server, and use VPSes, if we accept the single point of failure risk
[19:23] <+NCommander> If someone wants to research that, I'd be game
[19:24] <+Bytram> hrmm, single point opf failure does not sound so enticing.
[19:24] <+mrcoolbp> Okay, while we are on the funding topic, if I may interject: we created a rough "Funding Meter"
[19:24] <+mrcoolbp> it's on the staff slash in the site news box
[19:24] * Bytram scurries over to look
[19:25] <+mrcoolbp> could easily be copied over to prod in seconds, easy to manually update (once a week or so?)
[19:25] <+matt_> nice! hard to miss :)
[19:25] <+mrcoolbp> NCommander: check it out
[19:25] <+NCommander> Indeed
[19:25] <+Bytram> huh! /me missed it. :(
[19:25] * NCommander is dealing with the fact his phone keeping going off every 30 seonds
[19:26] <+NCommander> I'm about to eject it out the window
[19:26] <+Bytram> NCommander: going off, as in ringing? or as in losing your connection?
[19:26] <+NCommander> Bytram, both
[19:26] <+NCommander> I'm tethering because home internet is out
[19:26] <+NCommander> When the phone goes off, I DC
[19:26] <+NCommander> -_-;
[19:26] <+mrcoolbp> fantastic
[19:26] * Bytram has the same issue.
[19:27] <+Bytram> let's try and move things along, then, shall we?
[19:27] <+NCommander> mrcoolbp, yeah. I'm dealing with fallout from a RL issue from last night
[19:27] <+mrcoolbp> NCommander: understood, any ideas on the funding meter?
[19:27] <+mrcoolbp> like/hate etc.
[19:27] <+NCommander> Love
[19:27] <+NCommander> Really love
[19:27] <+NCommander> Like, go put it on production right now
[19:27] <+mrcoolbp> okay, is $10K our goal?
[19:28] <+NCommander> matt_, did my math from the longer term plan email sound reasonable?
[19:28] <+Bytram> mrcoolbp: I like it a LOT, but ... need time stamps of some sort to gauge when/what the totals/amounts were obtained/posted.
[19:28] * matt_ double-checks
[19:28] <+mrcoolbp> Bytram: hmm
[19:28] <+Bytram> sounds in the ballpark of what I recall... but don't recall specifics
[19:29] <+Bytram> btw, the bar graph looks GREAT!
[19:29] <+mrcoolbp> audioguy and me collabed on that one
[19:30] <+mrcoolbp> but I made him do the "work" of it
[19:30] <+mrcoolbp> = )
[19:30] <+NCommander> Let's put 10k as a tentative goal, it lets us pay all our bills, handle lawyer and CPA, and have a bit left over
[19:30] <+mrcoolbp> sounds good
[19:30] <+mrcoolbp> I'll do that after the meeting
[19:30] <+mrcoolbp> (put up on prod)
[19:30] <+matt_> NCommander, it's a reasonable rough estimate of what will be needed in the next year or so at the current hosting rate. however, i think if you're going to ask for $10k from the community, you should be quite sure that it is needed and will be well spent.
[19:30] <+Bytram> todos: add progress meter to main site on prod
[19:31] <+Bytram> matt_: and that it will be enough, as well... budget in for the known unknowns.
[19:31] <+NCommander> matt_, we know for the fact we need a CPA, and that's what our hosting costs are will be if nothing changes, and we want to hire a lwyer on retainer at some point
[19:31] <+Bytram> at hits juncture, I'd estimate at least 20-25%
[19:31] <+Bytram> s/hits/this/
[19:32] <+mrcoolbp> matt_ we've been pretty transparent about what we're spending the money on, should we re-iterate in a post?
[19:32] <+matt_> NCommander, but i think we are considering methods to reduce hosting costs, and we should shop around a bit more for a lawyer if that will be half of our total annual budget...
[19:32] <+Bytram> mrcoolbp: good idea, but not so much re-iterate, as opposed to maybe a progress report -- state of site report, so to speak/write?
[19:33] <+NCommander> matt_, agreed, but that was the rough industry standard on lawyering as far as I can tell
[19:33] <+mrcoolbp> after we figure out ^^^^
[19:33] <+Bytram> nod nod
[19:33] <+matt_> mrcoolbp, i would think that at least a link near the progress bar to as detailed a description as possible of what the requested money will be spent on.
[19:33] * Bytram wonders if there is a cpa in the community?
[19:33] <+mrcoolbp> matt_ could that go on the wiki?
[19:33] <+matt_> mrcoolbp, yep!
[19:34] <+Bytram> and then maybe a status report on the main site that points to it?
[19:34] <+mrcoolbp> matt_ I can also try to scrape through the SN posts and find relevant ones to link to from there
[19:34] <+Bytram> mrcoolbp: you have time for that?
[19:34] <+matt_> i think it would be great to start spending some funds on improving the user experience (original content, etc.).
[19:34] <+mrcoolbp> Bytram: meh, I'll make it happen
[19:34] <+NCommander> Let's get a final budget setup for crap; matt, if you could review my numbers, and probably start a discussion on the list?
[19:35] <+mrcoolbp> good idea ^
[19:36] <+NCommander> Longer term, we need to figure out wherelse we want to spend money
[19:36] <+NCommander> adversing might be a good idea, if we are careful, but hard to know where
[19:36] <+Bytram> todos: mrcoolbp " try to scrape through the SN posts and find relevant ones to link to from there" re: link on progress bar
[19:36] <+mrcoolbp> got it down, thanks sir
[19:36] <+matt_> NCommander, iirc, there has been discussion of a crowdfunding campaign.
[19:36] <+mrcoolbp> ah yes
[19:37] <+matt_> that can generate a lot of revenue very quickly.
[19:37] <+NCommander> matt_, yes, that's kinda a longer term plan I've had, but we're some distance from it
[19:37] <+mrcoolbp> Ncommander: agreed, I think the Subs were a sort of initial campaign
[19:38] <+NCommander> They give us a good idea of what our community will raise as is
[19:38] <+matt_> well, considering the amount recently raised by a high-tech beer cooler ($2.5M, i think), if the presentation is right, things don't have to be at too advanced a stage...
[19:38] <+Bytram> is there any kind of acknowledgement / reminder on the user's page or the main site about subscriptions? A thanker/nagger kind of thing?
[19:39] <+NCommander> matt_, do we want to try and go all in with crowdfunding now?
[19:39] <+mrcoolbp> Bytram: we have a link in the sitenews
[19:39] <+matt_> NCommander, it could also be a good way of generating some much-needed publicity.
[19:39] <+NCommander> or make it a much sooner term objective
[19:39] <+mrcoolbp> it nags you when you need to re-up if you set the setting in settings = )
[19:39] <+NCommander> matt_, *chews*
[19:40] <+NCommander> matt_, I want to make sure we look credible, and have folks with experience in the field with us up front to make it clear we're serious about this.
[19:40] <+Bytram> mrcoolbp: thanks; I was thinking more along the lines of... it's 10 months from now... who'll know/remember when it's time to renew
[19:40] <+mrcoolbp> Bytram: it nags you when you need to re-up if you set the setting in settings = )
[19:40] <+Bytram> k; will discuss offline; not germane to board mtg
[19:40] <+matt_> NCommander, it should definitely be a polished presentation, i think, but can still be fairly conceptual.
[19:41] <+NCommander> BTW< the subscription info emails are bugged
[19:41] <+NCommander> Hard
[19:41] <+mrcoolbp> matt_ a video would be ideal, those should be polished
[19:41] <+NCommander> as is slash's internal subscription tracker numbers for revenue and crap
[19:41] <+mrcoolbp> NCommander: we have a year to fix right? = )
[19:41] * NCommander groans
[19:41] <+Bytram> NCommander: bugged? as in a tracker? or as in buggy/dodgy/poor code?
[19:41] <+NCommander> Bytram ask me later
[19:42] <+Bytram> k
[19:42] <+NCommander> Do we want to set a date of when we're going to launch crowdfunding by?
[19:42] * NCommander wonders if we should try and do it right after the holidays
[19:42] <+mrcoolbp> I think we should get a proposal together first
[19:42] <+Bytram> ^^^^^
[19:42] <+Bytram> what's in it for the contributors?
[19:42] <+matt_> Bytram, SWAG!
[19:42] <+NCommander> mrcoolbp, agreed, but I want to set a timeline of doing crap
[19:43] <+Bytram> matt_: =)
[19:43] <+mrcoolbp> NCommander: okay, so maybe January, when we're spending money on Accountants = )
[19:43] <+NCommander> Indeed
[19:43] <+matt_> NCommander, do you think that you could put together a rough proposal in a week or so? really just an outline of what is needed (video, list of rewards for contributors, etc.)
[19:44] <+mrcoolbp> "what the rewards are" is the hard part I think
[19:44] <+mrcoolbp> and the video maybe
[19:44] <+NCommander> matt_, yeah, I think so
[19:44] <+NCommander> !todo crowdfunding TODO list
[19:44] <+Bytram> how about a non-calendar 'time', but upon completion of necessary tasks to be at a point we can say "we've already done foo, bar, and bazz. we need your help, now, to do fuzzbar"
[19:44] <+NCommander> Bytram, having a set date of when we deliver by prevents it from going off to lala land
[19:44] <+matt_> mrcoolbp, i think that most of the small rewards will be stickers, free subs, etc. (i.e., low-to-no cost)
[19:44] <+Bytram> matt_++
[19:44] <+mrcoolbp> matt_ that sounds good
[19:45] <+matt_> mrcoolbp, and of course, for the mega-contributors, dinner with NC :)
[19:45] <+mrcoolbp> right
[19:45] <+Bytram> matt_: dinner *for* nc!
[19:45] <+mrcoolbp> you have to buy him a beer still though
[19:45] <+NCommander> ugh
[19:45] * NCommander feels his stomach turn
[19:45] <+NCommander> Blah
[19:46] <+Bytram> hrmmmm?
[19:46] <+mrcoolbp> matt_, NCommander: so are we in aggreement about paying for server costs with cash on hand?
[19:47] <+Bytram> nd for what duration?
[19:47] <+matt_> mrcoolbp, sounds good to me. if they can be reduced asap without reduction in quality of service (i know it may be impossible) that would be good too, i think.
[19:47] <+NCommander> Indeed
[19:47] <+mrcoolbp> Move to Vote: "Pay for future server bills with cash on hand"
[19:47] <+NCommander> We've got a month to get the bill lower
[19:47] <+NCommander> AYE
[19:47] <+Bytram> are we talkiong about just Sept?
[19:47] <+matt_> Aye!
[19:47] <+mrcoolbp> Aye
[19:47] <+mrcoolbp> Bytram: until further notice
[19:48] <+Bytram> so, that would be for current hosting bills outstanding and ongoing?
[19:48] <+mrcoolbp> NCommander: you'll have to make me an account by the end of the year so I can put in the payment info
[19:48] <+matt_> mrcoolbp, why don't you see if you can use your mastercard. if so, we can get 1% cash back :)
[19:48] <+mrcoolbp> lol
[19:48] <+NCommander> Bytram, indeed
[19:48] <+mrcoolbp> matt_ then *I* get 1% back
[19:48] <+mrcoolbp> = )
[19:48] <+matt_> mrcoolbp, oh, i forgot that it's a debit card, so we won't get cash back.
[19:49] <+mrcoolbp> correct, we don't have a credit card yet
[19:49] <+Bytram> unanimous vote: AGREED: "Pay for future server bills with cash on hand"
[19:50] <+NCommander> What other business do we have to attend to?
[19:50] <+matt_> mrcoolbp, we could actually apply for a credit card at any time. we may be able to get a reasonable credit line.
[19:50] <+mrcoolbp> Yeah, but *I* wouldn't give us credit = )
[19:50] <+matt_> NCommander, there are 2 other items on the wiki: http://wiki.soylentnews.org/wiki/Issues_to_Be_Raised_at_the_Next_Board_Meeting
[19:51] <+mrcoolbp> Just Added ^
[19:51] <+Bytram> matt_: yup.
[19:51] <+Bytram> let me ghet the next one...
[19:51] <+Bytram> "Issue 2:Privacy Policy for the site/corp. I see nothing on the site's home page about this. Although I know we've endeavored to respect community member's privacy, it's been mostly a "trust us" kind of thing. Do we have any formal statement or policy? At a minimum, I would expect to see a link to it on the bottom of the home page (and, ideally, every page on the site.) "
[19:51] <+Bytram> note...
[19:51] <+NCommander> Yeah
[19:51] * mrcoolbp withdraws the most recent sub payments to our bank account
[19:51] <+NCommander> I actually meant to bring something like this
[19:51] <+Bytram> I added this issue (and the one that follows) based on seeing a report that 4chan had added a DMCA notice on their site.
[19:51] <+NCommander> I think we need a firm policy, and I also want a policy on dealing on doxing
[19:52] <+mrcoolbp> NCommander: "doxing" ?
[19:52] <+Bytram> i realize that this may more proprly lie in the realm
[19:52] <+NCommander> Its a reddit term
[19:52] <+matt_> So, we have actually been working on a general "SN Policy Manual" for a few weeks now (on the wiki). janrinok has been instrumental in putting together the "Editorial Policy" section.
[19:52] <+Bytram> of site operations, but I think it important that the board have
[19:52] <+Bytram> a chance to weigh in on it
[19:52] <+matt_> http://wiki.soylentnews.org/wiki/SoylentNews_Policy_Document
[19:52] <+mrcoolbp> matt_ i've added nothing to the "rest of it"
[19:52] <+NCommander> https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Doxing
[19:52] <+mrcoolbp> thx
[19:53] <+mrcoolbp> okay, well we have some manifesto stuff to draw from for this
[19:53] <+NCommander> Yeah
[19:53] <+mrcoolbp> http://soylentnews.org/article.pl?sid=14/05/12/0335243
[19:53] <+mrcoolbp> manifesto post ^
[19:53] <+matt_> mechanistically, perhaps a good way of going about this would be to get all of the staff involved in creating the draft policy, then have the board officially adopt it.
[19:53] <+NCommander> On a side note, I also think we should consider changing the default view level of the site
[19:53] <+NCommander> From 0 -> 1
[19:54] <+NCommander> There's been a lot of AC crap as of late
[19:54] <+mrcoolbp> I can ACK that
[19:54] * matt_ always changes to Nested so he can read everything easily...
[19:54] <+matt_> and -1
[19:54] <+Bytram> I've seen that, but I browse at -1 all the time.
[19:54] <+NCommander> matt_, right, just general impression crap
[19:54] <+mrcoolbp> NCommander: but we should mention it someoewhere, or only allow for *new* accounts
[19:54] <+Bytram> with everything pre-expanded... I see it all, all the time.
[19:54] <+NCommander> mrcoolbp, default for non-logged in and AC, nothing changed retroactively
[19:54] <+mrcoolbp> s/allow/change for/
[19:54] <+mrcoolbp> oh
[19:54] <+mrcoolbp> okay then
[19:55] <+Bytram> NCommander++
[19:55] <+Bytram> is there a motion on the floor?
[19:55] <+matt_> NCommander, as long as it's not retroactive for logged-in users, it sounds good to me.
[19:55] <+NCommander> Uh ...
[19:55] <+matt_> is this a board-level item?
[19:55] * NCommander isn't sure this is a typical board thing
[19:55] <+mrcoolbp> I guess we can vote on that, not really necessary though
[19:55] <+mrcoolbp> lol
[19:55] <+mrcoolbp> GMTA
[19:55] <+matt_> ninja'd!
[19:55] * NCommander coughs
[19:56] <+NCommander> Moving on
[19:56] <+mrcoolbp> yes
[19:56] <+Bytram> not really a board level item, but if were gonna agree on somethjing, it's nice to know exactly what *it* IS.
[19:56] * NCommander is really hopng we can finish today within an hour
[19:56] <+mrcoolbp> NCommander: you have 5 minutes then
[19:56] <+mrcoolbp> s/you/we/
[19:56] <+NCommander> Yeah
[19:56] <+mrcoolbp> okay, can we leave these two items for the next meeting then?
[19:56] <+Bytram> okay, so what was the conclusion on the privacy policy issue?
[19:57] <+NCommander> We need to draft one
[19:57] <+NCommander> Any takers?
[19:57] <+mrcoolbp> there wasn't one, other then we agree we need one
[19:57] <+matt_> NCommander, mrcoolbp, how about sending an email to the staff list asking them to provide input on the Policy wiki
[19:57] * NCommander is seriously tapped out
[19:57] <+Bytram> I am fine with tabling till next mtg
[19:57] <+mrcoolbp> matt_ okay, I can do that
[19:57] <+matt_> mrcoolbp, cool!
[19:57] <+mrcoolbp> I might want to tidy up some things before I let them tear it apart
[19:57] <+matt_> Bytram, if you want, you could add a "Privacy" section to the policy wiki.
[19:57] <+mrcoolbp> ^^
[19:57] <+Bytram> TODOS: mrcoolbp e-mail to staff on providing inout on the policy wiki
[19:58] <+mrcoolbp> there we go
[19:58] <+Bytram> TODOS: Bytram add Privacy section to policy wiki
[19:58] <+mrcoolbp> got 'em, thanks
[19:58] <+Bytram> the cair would accept a motion to adjourn
[19:58] <+Bytram> s/cair/chair/
[19:58] <+mrcoolbp> anything else we need to discuss?
[19:58] <+matt_> we have one remaining issue on the wiki about copyrights, i think...
[19:58] <+Bytram> the next thing on the todo was the same tconcept, but about copyrights.
[19:59] == prospectacle [~31b58f91@ai22-919-926-428.pa.nsw.optusnet.com.au] has joined #staff
[19:59] <+Bytram> Issue 3:Copyright notice. The only notice I've found on SoylentNews.org is the notice appearing before the comments to a story or journal entry: "The Fine Print: The following comments are owned by whoever posted them. We are not responsible for them in any way." What about the rest of the site? The stories? Journal postings themselves? Other? At a minimum, I would expect to see a link to it on the bottom
[19:59] <+Bytram> of the home page (and, ideally, every page on the site.)
[19:59] <+matt_> ok. so, a "Copyright" section in the policy wiki too?
[19:59] <+mrcoolbp> uuuh
[19:59] <+mrcoolbp> sure.
[19:59] <+Bytram> TODOS: Bytram add Copyright section to policy wiki
[19:59] <+NCommander> I'd like to license future content going on as probably CC-SA, or something like that
[19:59] <+Bytram> we do have a *diferent* privacy notice on the wiki, btw
[20:00] <+mrcoolbp> bytram: link
[20:00] <+mrcoolbp> ?
[20:00] <+Bytram> http://wiki.soylentnews.org/wiki/Issues_to_Be_Raised_at_the_Next_Board_Meeting#Issues
[20:00] <+Bytram> look at the VERY bottom of the page, on the right hand side
[20:00] <+Bytram> CC BY SA
[20:01] <+Bytram> Also: there is the text: "Content is available under Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike unless otherwise noted."
[20:01] <+Bytram> Huh! and there's a privacy policy on the wiki: http://wiki.soylentnews.org/wiki/SoylentNews:Privacy_policy
[20:01] <+NCommander> lets get this consistent and conformed
[20:01] <+mrcoolbp> Privacy Policy: "There is currently no text in this page"
[20:01] <+NCommander> I don't think there will be much issue with fixing this going forward, as long as its not retroactive
[20:02] <+Bytram> code on github... what license do we have there?
[20:02] <+Bytram> GPL? v2? v3?
[20:02] <+NCommander> GPLv2
[20:03] <+Bytram> nod nod
[20:03] <+NCommander> Which was the slash license, no provision to upgrade
[20:03] <+NCommander> So that's decided
[20:03] <+Bytram> TODOS: note: 'slashcode' for SN is GPL v2
[20:03] <+Bytram> nod nod
[20:04] <+NCommander> My stomach is gettng violently upset
[20:04] <+matt_> shall we schedule the next meeting? say in 1-2 weeks?
[20:04] <+NCommander> How about a week, but can we do it sometime other than Wednesday?
[20:04] <+mrcoolbp> hmm
[20:04] * Bytram loads his schedule
[20:05] <+mrcoolbp> NCommander: Friday maybe? Though I only have 7-8pm if matt_ can't start earlier
[20:05] * NCommander can make wednesday work, but they're a bit awkward for me
[20:06] <+Bytram> brb
[20:06] <+matt_> mrcoolbp, i can do Friday the 12th, and a little earlier, say 6pm?
[20:06] <+mrcoolbp> that should work
[20:06] == mythterj [mythterj@tonvizu.sdf.org] has joined #staff
[20:06] * Bytram is working until 6:15 EDT on friday.
[20:06] <+mrcoolbp> Bytram: how long is the commute?
[20:07] <+Bytram> 15 minutes
[20:07] <+matt_> want to make it 6:30?
[20:07] <+Bytram> but, *you* are the board, so make the time that works for you.
[20:07] * mrcoolbp pictures Bytram rushing home for the meeting
[20:07] <+mrcoolbp> I'm fine with 6:30
[20:07] * NCommander pictures Bytram on IRC while driving
[20:07] <+NCommander> That would be 2:30 PM my time
[20:07] <+NCommander> That should be OK
[20:08] <+mrcoolbp> great: matt: send another notification for us if you would?
[20:08] <+matt_> mrcoolbp, will do!
[20:08] <+Bytram> I might be able to get out early, or may get tied up... but I'll sure try hard to get here by 6:30PM EDT (what time is that UTC?)
[20:09] <+mrcoolbp> + 4
[20:09] <+mrcoolbp> 22:30 I think
[20:09] <+Bytram> Friday, Sept 12 at 20:30 UTC
[20:10] <+mrcoolbp> I thinks it's 22:30
[20:10] <+Bytram> ugh, yes. 22:30
[20:10] <+Bytram> but is that AM or PM?  ;)
[20:10] <+Bytram> Friday, Sept 12 at 22:30 UTC
[20:11] <+mrcoolbp> yup yup
[20:11] <+Bytram> anything else to discuss?
[20:11] * NCommander is done
[20:11] <+mrcoolbp> not pressing
[20:11] <+mrcoolbp> I move to Adjourn
[20:11] <+matt_> nope
[20:11] <+Bytram> matt_: would you be so kind to post the minutes on the wiki?
[20:11] <+NCommander> Aye
[20:11] <+NCommander> (and second)
[20:11] <+mrcoolbp> lol
[20:11] <+matt_> Aye!
[20:11] <+mrcoolbp> Aye!
[20:12] <+Bytram> meeting adjourned!