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[19:07] <+mrcoolbp> Call to order the Action without a meeting<br />
[19:07] <+mrcoolbp> Call to order the Action without a meeting<br />
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This page is a log from IRC or the (now defunct) forums.

[19:07] <+mrcoolbp> Call to order the Action without a meeting
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[19:08] <+NCommander> mrcoolbp, no, this is a schedued meeting
[19:08] <+NCommander> no?
[19:08] <+mrcoolbp> 1st Agenda item: Transfer of ownership
[19:08] <+matt_> not until we get the bylaws amended...
[19:08] <+matt_> NC^
[19:08] <+NCommander> fun
[19:08] <+NCommander> ok
[19:08] <+mrcoolbp> who wants to start?
[19:08] <+mrcoolbp> the floor is open
[19:09] <+NCommander> I want to sell stuff
[19:09] <+NCommander> ^- tat
[19:09] <+NCommander> 8THAT
[19:09] <+NCommander> of or the love of
[19:09] <+NCommander> *o for the
[19:09] * matt_ seconds selling stuff
[19:10] * mrcoolbp thirds
[19:10] <+NCommander> yay
[19:10] <+NCommander> But ok, serious side now
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[19:10] == mode/#staff [+v FunPika] by juggler
[19:10] <+NCommander> I keep wondering if we're not overthinking this on a watchdog thing. if we, the board, go evil, the staff will desert us
[19:10] <+NCommander> We already evicted one leader
[19:10] <+mrcoolbp> agreed
[19:11] <+matt_> NCommander, that went somewhat less than _smoothly_
[19:11] <+NCommander> matt_, indeed, but thats because I asked Barrabas to privately check his math, then he decided I won't pay and opened it up tp the community
[19:13] <+NCommander> I ust keep thinking about audioguys position
[19:13] <+NCommander> I kow I meant to write this up as well, and I'm sorry for failing in that
[19:14] <+NCommander> matt_, I don't want to kill this discussion until we have a properl resolution
[19:14] <+NCommander> But at the very least, I'd like to allow the site to start making money and not be hamstrung on us giong in circles
[19:15] <+NCommander> so if we defer the stock issuance, how badly does it get later?
[19:15] <+mrcoolbp> good question, I don't understand the specifics of "it will get complicated to issue stock after we make money"
[19:15] <+NCommander> right now, ownership really is only a problem with the CA
[19:16] <+matt_> NCommander, to answer your question: we could open the store now.
[19:16] <+matt_> NCommander, you're right, the CA is really the only major sticking point at this moment.
[19:16] <+mrcoolbp> (and open subscriptions)
[19:16] <+NCommander> matt_, we've gone thus far w/o
[19:16] <+matt_> mrcoolbp, correct.
[19:16] <+matt_> NCommander, it's a calculated risk on a few levels.
[19:17] <+NCommander> matt_, risk to start selling stuff, or risk to issue stock later?
[19:17] <+matt_> If either you or I go nuts in the interim, the site would have little recourse.
[19:18] <+NCommander> matt_, I've been locked in 10 hours of meetings on this subject for the last two weeks
[19:18] <+matt_> NCommander, well, also, if we did want to issue stock later, it could likely work out without much modification.
[19:18] <+NCommander> matt_, if you go nuts, we need a new business guru, and if I go nuts, I'm not sure we're stable enough to survive the transition
[19:19] <+matt_> NCommander, exactly :)
[19:19] <+matt_> how badly do we need a wildcard cert?
[19:20] <+NCommander> matt_, its blocking nexus support, i.e., meta.soylentnews.org.
[19:20] <+NCommander> But we can active the feature, and disable the subdomains for now
[19:20] <@paulej72> and would be nice to have for paypal payments
[19:21] <+NCommander> Or accept users will get an SSL certificat error on nexuses, SSLis wonky on the site
[19:21] <+mrcoolbp> so it's definate nice-to-have, but not absolutely necessary
[19:21] <+NCommander> bingo
[19:22] <+NCommander> we've wanted it for a few months now
[19:22] <+matt_> NCommander, we could do a separate agreement just to enable that, but that kind of gets into the "patchwork of separate agreements" thing i mentioned on that wiki page i made about our different options...
[19:22] <+NCommander> matt_, well, even as we're setup you couldn't get a wildcard
[19:22] <+NCommander> due to the fact WHOIS stuff is fucked up
[19:22] <+matt_> yeah, we would have to fix that.
[19:22] <+mrcoolbp> You two both offered to donate your assets to the Corp, is that still an option
[19:22] <+mrcoolbp> ?
[19:23] * NCommander is
[19:23] <+matt_> that is an option.
[19:23] <+NCommander> won't speak for matt_ though
[19:23] <@paulej72> need to transfer domain to out Gandi account
[19:23] <+mrcoolbp> I'm sure we could work on paying you back eventually
[19:23] <@paulej72> our
[19:23] <+NCommander> I'd like to propose one thing right now
[19:23] <+NCommander> Can we open the store/subscription/other now?
[19:23] <+NCommander> As a motion
[19:23] <+mrcoolbp> okay
[19:23] <+matt_> i'm ok with that.
[19:23] <+mrcoolbp> sec
[19:24] <+mrcoolbp> Move to vote on this, any seconds?
[19:24] <+matt_> second
[19:24] <+NCommander> second
[19:24] <+mrcoolbp> Vote: Should we Open up the Soylent Swag Store and Subscriptions to all users?
[19:24] <+matt_> Aye!
[19:24] <+NCommander> aye
[19:24] <+Blackmoore> aye
[19:24] <+mrcoolbp> Aye!
[19:25] <+NCommander> finally
[19:25] <+NCommander> money plz
[19:25] <+mrcoolbp> motion passes 0/0/3
[19:25] <+matt_> yay!
[19:25] <+NCommander> I'll take the action item to write up shit tomorrow with mrcoolbp
[19:25] <+mrcoolbp> okay, I'll write up a post about the store and let NCommander post it maybe
[19:25] <+NCommander> mrcoolbp, if you want to write up the store, I'll write up scripts
[19:25] <+mrcoolbp> perfect
[19:25] <+NCommander> er
[19:25] <+NCommander> subs
[19:25] <+mrcoolbp> yeah
[19:25] <+NCommander> Post tomorrow
[19:25] * NCommander can't write now
[19:25] <+mrcoolbp> that works
[19:25] <+NCommander> will be gibberish
[19:25] <+mrcoolbp> excellent
[19:26] <+mrcoolbp> so any other items we'd liek to address now?
[19:26] <@paulej72> do we want to keep subs at $20/year?
[19:26] <+NCommander> mrcoolbp, yes, but its something I honestly can't keep my brain focused
[19:26] <+NCommander> paulej72, that was what was proposed, so unless we got a good reason to change it
[19:27] <+mrcoolbp> NCommander, paulej72, matt_ the other thing we discussed is having some kind of token-thing people could buy for $whatever dollars
[19:27] <+mrcoolbp> like a super-star
[19:27] <+mrcoolbp> or unobtanium sig or something
[19:27] <+NCommander> mrcoolbp, thats something that could be rolled out later
[19:27] <@paulej72> mrcoolbp: that is a subscription. lets not complicate this
[19:27] <+mrcoolbp> okay
[19:28] <+NCommander> We have a plan
[19:28] <+NCommander> lets execute it
[19:28] <+mrcoolbp> Sure!
[19:28] <+NCommander> Lets not change it when the captain is almost literialy asleep at the switch
[19:28] <+mrcoolbp> okay, so NCommander: are you moving to adjourn then?
[19:28] <+NCommander> I am
[19:28] <+NCommander> Sorry guys
[19:28] <+NCommander> I really am struggling to stay up
[19:29] <+mrcoolbp> I understand, I was like that yesterday night
[19:29] <+NCommander> and if its another3 hour meeting, there might be blood
[19:29] <+mrcoolbp> matt_: any final things?
[19:29] <+matt_> this was the shortest board meeting i've ever had :)
[19:29] <+matt_> that is all.
[19:29] <+mrcoolbp> lol
[19:29] <+NCommander> matt_, new policy, NCommander has to be half asleep for these
[19:29] <+mrcoolbp> yes it was
[19:29] <+mrcoolbp> okay, then I second NCommanders motion.
[19:29] <+mrcoolbp> All in favour of adjourning?
[19:29] <@paulej72> not enough time to get board :(
[19:30] <+NCommander> We'll sell a book called "Sleepwalking to discuss"
[19:30] <+NCommander> though if I wake up, and find this all to be a dream, you might hear a scream
[19:30] <+NCommander> mrcoolbp, aye
[19:30] <+mrcoolbp> aye
[19:30] <+matt_> Aye!
[19:30] <+NCommander> Great
[19:30] <+NCommander> good night