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Basic Information

This node's ip address:

Services set to run at startup (can be restarted via /etc/init.d/<script>):

  • postfix - SMTP server, handles incoming and outgoing mail.
  • dovecot - IMAP server and mail delivery agent.
  • mailmain - listserv, this is just the qrunner service which picks up stuff in the queue to mail out.
  • saslauthd - Mail authentication.
  • mysqld - mysql databases
  • httpd - apache webserver running multiple virtualhosts

Currently, mechanicjay, robind, ncommander and xlefay have ssh access to this box.

Apache Config

All vhost configs are in /etc/httpd/conf.d/<servicename> All vhost wwwroots are in /var/www/vhosts/<servicename> --mailman ( is the exception since that was installed as a system package via yum

Current virtual hosts:

  • lists
  • postfixadmin
  • wiki
  • forums
  • webmail (squirrelmail install)
  • rt (not currently active)
  • 000_default (nothing to see here page if no or unrecognized host header is passed)


Just a basic mysql install.

Current databases:

  • postfix -- handles mail accounts -- all mail services auth against this db
  • wiki
  • forums
  • rt

Mail Config

This is a nightmare, and will have to spend some time figuring out how to document it in a sane way.

System Packages

Stuff that was installed from yum will go here