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Anyone else get banned from Slashdot? I did a few 'Fuck Beta' posts and a Beta submission, and apparently this was enough to get a temporary ban. - Robotron23

That is surprising, I posted several times today and did not get anything. I wonder if it had something to do with the Beta submission. - Nightbrood

I've posted loudly, angrily, reflectively, snarkily, thoughtfully, sarcastically, and in many other different ways today (classic and beta). Yet, I've not been banned. - cervesaebraciator

Not banned, either.Mmcmonster (talk) 03:56, 10 February 2014 (MST)

I tried to submit a slashcott reminder this morning but I got banned apparently (omoc)

I copied this from (which allows me to know what's going on at /. while boycotting):

Re:Allow me to be the first By Soulskill • 2014-Feb-10 15:07 • Score: 5, Informative • Thread

We're not banning people for anti-beta comments.

The amount of people complaining about the beta across multiple stories and multiple days should be enough to verify that. If not, it's easy enough to test for yourself. What's been surprising to me is how many comments and emails we've seen asking for us to ban people/delete comments about the beta protest.

Side note: we do ban (and have always banned) commercial spammers and bots that try to flood us with traffic. The folks that do that like using proxies, so if you use a proxy, it's possible you'll end up on one that got banned for that reason. If that happens, you can switch proxies or email us at --Koen (talk) 17:36, 10 February 2014 (MST)

I was banned too, for the very exact reasons. The ban screen was the last thing I was able to see before starting the Slashcott. Sad, really.