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Logo for aqu4bot.

aqu4bot, the main instance in IRC as aqu4, with the slogan "aqu4, daughter of pr0t0!" is an IRC bot written in C by Subsentient. She has a wide range of functionality, many of her commands being humorous and others being obscure. She has channel management capabilities, user tracking and messaging capabilities, and an extensive logging system.

Basic usage

aqu4bot can be set to respond to any prefix on a per-channel basis, but by default she responds to the dollar sign $ or her name presented as aqu4:, followed by a space, to produce 'aqu4: commands'. She will not say anything if you specify an invalid command. Help is available with the 'help' command, of course accessible via $help or aqu4: help. No prefix is required in private messages, so /msg aqu4 help will indeed get you the help command.

Source code

aqu4bot's source code is available at


aqu4bot runs as user aqu4 on,, and can be intermittent, so the subdomain was created by Subsentient to allow better access.


aqu4bot has an extensive and capable logging system, with the logs being stored at You will need to request a password from the bot maintainer, Subsentient to get access to the logs.

The 'wz' command

This command is used to list games in the Warzone 2100 game lobby, as told in 'help wz'. Warzone 2100 is an open source cross-platform RTS strategy game that Subsentient is very fond of.

The slogan

"aqu4, daughter of pr0t0!" is a homage to the predecessor of aqu4, pr0t0bot, a patchy, unstable, poorly written yet highly useful python bot based on phenny that was operated by Subsentient on freenode from 2010 to early 2014. It was designed to mimic a helpful personality, and as a result, users of pr0t0 became fond of it, including Subsentient, and to ease the feelings of loss, aqu4 was given a similar name, many similar attributes in function, and the slogan. She is often referred to as 'she' by Subsentient and his friends, as this is the 'imagined and intended' persona of the bot, just as pr0t0 before her was referred to as 'he'.


Perhaps something is wrong with aqu4, or some abuse is taking place. To remove aqu4 from a channel, you may kick her. She will register the kick and will not attempt to rejoin unless explicitly instructed to or if she is restarted. A +q quiet is preferable if possible, because Subsentient likes to keep the logs complete for all channels he considers of interest.