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Post bugs and issues here. Do not hyperlink to the pages, please provide that information separately to the devs for now.


Bugs affect the operability of the site.

  • Some (most?) saved changes to settings on the "You" pages are not reflected following pressing "save"
  • Karma score of -1 means you cannot post as yourself, meaning you essentially remain at -1 forever.
  • You can create, edit, and preview journal entries, but they are not saved.
    • really? I could make one - mattie_p
    • Weird. Am I the only one? Do I need to have comments enabled maybe?
    • Yes, it appears comments need to be enabled to post. A hard to find error message appears if you don't saying 'You must enable comments for all users if you've marked your submission as "publicize" or "publish." '. Not sure that error message makes much sense. -- Common Joe
  • Posted by user link under the story heading always points to the current page (whether from the front page or story page)


Issues don't affect the operability, but are inconvenient or undesirable

  • Firehose
  • Many 404 errors on Help and Preferences page
  • Email links and registration email are all NCommander's personal address
  • Categories (section and topics) for new submissions need expanding. - (current suggested list is here: - mattie_p)
  • Is there a way for users to make posts on submitted stories, or is that an editor-only thing.
  • FAQ links don't work when directed to slashcode. Internal links work fine.
  • Altering comments settings (You --> Comments ==> Make a change ==> Save) will re-display your old, unwanted settings, but if you leave and come back, then your new settings will show. (Apparently, settings really are saved.)
  • On the password page, the 'login session' link 404's.


  • Having the comments section work in a slightly less retro way would be awesome. Specifically: a) clicking on a comment URL shouldn't make the rest of the thread vanish. b) have the site automatically return you to the view you came from following posting of a comment.
  • Would like to be able to click on the title, as well as 'Read more...', to go from the main list to an individual story page.
  • "Dupe detector" at submission time. Use submitted title to search previous stories for dupes and get user to confirm that what they're submitting really is novel. (partial solution here, in that if you base the submission off a URL, that must be unique - mattie_p)

  • Can we get the ability for logged in users to edit their own posts (as themselves, not AC)?
  • Just submitted an article to make sure that function worked ok with no javascript - it does. However, I noticed that the articles are always surrounded automatically with quotes
    • AudioGuy writes "blah blah blah"
    • but if your article happens to begin with a quote it winds up like
      • AudioGuy Writes ""blah blah blah""
    • which looks kind of odd. Maybe the outer quotes could be left off and something like italicizing the initial text used instead:
      • AudioGuy writes: blah blah blah
      • So quoted text would look like this
      • AudioGuy writes: "blah blah blah"
    • Editors will have to check for quotes and make sure they make sense. I'll keep my eyes open for them - mattie_p